Press kit.

Bonzun IVF App

Bonzun IVF is specifically developed to increase the chance of having a baby with functions that will improve the IVF process, such as a medication feature to make sure you never miss an important dose as well as functions that will reduced stress. Bonzun IVF is CE-marked in accordance with European standards for medical devices and all content is medically reviewed by IVF physicians, researchers, psychologists and fertility experts. The app will guide you through your unique IVF treatment every step of the way and help you to gain more knowledge on how to perform your IVF treatment.

App Features
  • Medication feature with a mini calendar and reminders so you never miss a dose
  • Personalised IVF treatment support, individually adapted according to your own unique situation through treatment protocol with over 200 million variations to guide you through all stages of treatment (i.e down regulation, ovarian stimulation, trigger shot, ultrasound, egg retrieval, sperm sampling, process of fertilisation, ICSI, embryo selection, frozen embryo transfer, as well as different treatment protocols)
  • Common symptoms and discomforts during IVF treatment, Bonzun contains medical information that will reduce stress for IVF patients as well as support IVF clinics. All content is medically reviewed.
  • Common questions and answers, we have collected the most common questions that IVF patients ask and collected them in a large database accessible to Bonzun IVF app users
  • Psychological and emotional support, together with experts of mental stress during infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures we have specific features and content that will increase your wellbeing and have a positive effect on your mental health during the treatment
  • Treatment cycle managed & Profile section – Your treatment cycles are neatly managed and if you are starting a new treatment, all your previous treatments data are stored and easily accessible
  • Articles about infertility and fertility and relevant information about assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures
  • Two apps for the price of one! At no extra cost, you can share your IVF app with a friend or loved one by adding them as a follower inside

Bonzun Evolve

Bonzun evolve helps companies and their employees to develop and strengthen their self-leadership and coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations in the work environment. The interactive program is evidence-based and developed by the method of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The program follows 8 sessions with a structure to stimulate behavioural changes and reduce stress.

Program Features

1. Introduction: In the first step, we help you to map out your current life situation. You get to do a stress test where we explore what situations or events triggers stress and what gives you recovery.

2. The life compass: The life compass helps you to determine what is really important in your life. Step by step we go through different areas of life. Here you will find out if you today lead your life in line with your values.

3. Unnecessary stress: How good are you at dealing with stress? You get to practice effective methods how to avoid unnecessary stress and pain. You will learn how to deal with challenges in life.

4. Time for change: What changes do you want to see? Here you start working on the changes you want to make in your life and how you make them a reality. You are guided through a step-by-step process that results in a concrete action plan.

5. Thoughts are just thoughts: Here you will learn how a conscious presence can help you recover, and how it can be possible in a stressful everyday life. You also get to practice seeing your thoughts as nothing more than just thoughts.

6. Learn to deal with obstacles: In this session, you will be helped to discover what your inner and outer obstacles are and how they make change more difficult. You will also learn how to navigate around obstacles and strive for what is important to you.

7. Communicate better: Here we work to make your important relationships work and you practice expressing yourself effectively. After the session, you have concrete suggestions on how you can communicate better and how you can repair damaged relationships.

8. Be kind to yourself: Now you get to practice becoming kinder to yourself and we also look at your future development towards a more balanced life. Your tips and lessons from the course of the program are gathered with your personal development and how you can move


Bonzun China – Kou Dai Yun Yu

Kou Dai Yun Yu app, the virtual midwife, helps pregnant women understand when it is time to seek a doctor and when it is safe to stay home. Further it explains the meaning of test results and help monitors progress over time. The virtual midwife was one of the first pregnancy symptom checkers and AI doctor bot in the world, and is available in China.
App Features
  • Guidance to the expecting mother
    The pregnancy app provide helpful suggestion on medicine, diet and emotions during pregnancy and gives daily and weekly advice for the baby’s development.

  • Access to prenatal health care information and guidance
    The chinese pregnancy app contains personalized, credible and professional prenatal health care information and guidance for pregnant women and expecting fathers. All in one app that will keep the pregnant women and her child safe and secure. Based on the Swedish maternal care systems, the world’s most proven and successful systems for healthy mothers and children.

  • Detect pregnancy complications
    We help pregnant women understand when it is time to seek a doctor, and when it is safe to stay home. Bonzun’s symtom checker allows the mother to easily understand if the discomfort she is experiencing is normal or a sign of something serious. The feature can help to detect:
    – Anaemia, Gestational diabetes, Diabetes, HELLP, Hyperemesis, Pre-eclampsia, Eclampsia, Uterine fibroid, High blood pressure, Chloestasis in pregnancy, Blood clots.

    Explaining test results
    Helps the mother understand her test result. She can upload her medical records and get them explained and get a second opinion. Bonzun’s test tracker can detect:
    – Anaemia, Blood clots, Thrombosis, Hyperthyroidism, Venous Thromboembolism, Diabetes, DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation), Threatned abortion, Hydatidiform Mole, Gestational Trophoblastic Tumor, Thrombocytopenia, Hypertension, Ectopic pregnancy, Pre-eclampsia, HELLP